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The only React component library you need. KendoReact是一个专业的UI工具包,旨在帮助您 design & build business apps with React much faster.

kendo react ninja

React Dashboard App Built with KendoReact

Play with the demo to see KendoReact in action!

Design with Telerik & Kendo UI Kits for Figma
Build with Telerik or Kendo UI Component Libraries





Fully accessible (WCAG 2.0, Section 508, WAI-ARIA)

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Exactly What Your React Projects
Need To Succeed

当有一个很好的解决方案可以让你开始构建应用程序时,为什么还要重新发明轮子呢? 使用KendoReact作为你的内部UI组件库的坚如磐石的基础:

  • Save time building powerful, sleek and fast React apps
  • Ensure consistent, modern look-and-feel throughout your UI
  • Be prepared to handle any new requirements with ease
  • Be in perfect sync with your designer to avoid unnecessary iterations
  • And still use any other tooling you like!
kendo react ninja

Telerik和Kendo UI获得多个TrustRadius 2021年最佳开发奖

Kendo UI has won Best Feature Set , Best Customer Support and Best Usability.


365真网址 Kendo UI获得2020年应用程序开发平台最高评价奖

365真网址 Kendo UI获得了TrustRadius应用开发平台的最高评级奖. The awards are based entirely on customer satisfaction ratings.

React UI设计简化与您选择的工具

需要自定义的主题,你拿出盒子? No worries. If you work with designers or not, 365真网址提供工具,使这个过程无痛,并帮助您避免繁琐的CSS工作.

ThemeBuilder and ThemeBuilder Pro

ThemeBuilder and ThemeBuilder Pro

Point, click and customize themes with ThemeBuilder. 选择免费的ThemeBuilder或订阅新的ThemeBuilder Pro更深层次的定制选项. 任何一种都可以让你远离CSS,这样你就可以专注于你最擅长的事情.

Telerik and Kendo UI Figma Kits

Telerik and Kendo UI Figma Kits

Working with designers? 365真网址为Figma提供的免费和现成的UI工具包将简单地实现设计师和开发人员之间的切换. KendoReact提供的每个主题的Figma工具包可供下载.

All KendoReact Components

Looking for demos and sample apps? Go to the component documentation.

More Than a React Component Library

As React developers ourselves, 365真网址知道创建React应用程序的UI需要花费大量的时间和精力. 在过去的18年里,365真网址一直在许多开发平台上解决这个问题, which now include four JavaScript frameworks. You can count on us for the long run.

Industry-Standard UI Component Library

使用最专业的React UI库交付出色的工作.

100% React

100% React

Built with React for React, from the ground
up - no external dependencies and no compromises.

Design-System Friendly

Design-System Friendly


Maintenance Is on Us

Maintenance Is on Us


Award-Winning Technical Support

Your success is our mission, 365真网址的技术支持的奉献精神是这些话对365真网址的许多客户来说真正变得生动的地方.

Consistent High Quality

Consistent High Quality


Industry Recognized

Industry Recognized


Well Maintained Documentation

Well Maintained Documentation

Comprehensive, 为每个React组件和特性提供可编辑示例的快速文档.

The Ultimate Choice for Great React UI

365真网址所做的一切都是由您——365真网址的用户——驱动的:从365真网址的路线图到每一种资源. 365真网址倾听您的需求,并根据您的反馈改进KendoReact. Our team’s virtual doors are always open!

Loved by Customers

Loved by Customers


Constantly Improving

Great Learning Resources

大量的学习资源让你有一个良好的开端, including sample applications, design guidelines, video tutorials and more.

Great Learning Resources

Constantly Improving

Through continuous delivery, 你的React组件库每个月都会有新的组件和特性,成为一个更好的选择.

Key Features

Are you stuck with your React project?

  • Easy to Use

    使用KendoReact入门资源开始运行, intuitive API and legendary technical support.

  • Easy to Customize

    Supports Material Design, Fluent, 和Bootstrap设计语言,可以集成以匹配任何现有的设计语言.

  • Small Footprint

    紧凑的npm包和树摇确保你只导入你所使用的, keeping your project lean.

  • Accessible

    All KendoReact components comply with WCAG 2.0, Section 508和WAI-ARIA无障碍标准.

  • Designer-Friendly



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